Why should you choose our “Baby Box” ?

Why “The Baby’s Nest”,  read a mothers story below:

“I remember how I felt waiting for our little one, much anxiety and absolute confusion. I did not know what to buy; I knew that the long-awaited baby should lack nothing. Frightened by the thought of missing something, I wrote many lists of what I thought I needed for the first few hours and days after the birth. And with a sad heart – I thought “How will I buy all these things”. I went several times to the children’s goods stores. But there was a multitude of clothing and items. Their high prices completely stunned me. I estimated the price, I burst into tears, I went out, I called my mother…

As often happens in my second pregnancy it was more practical. My friend showed me the “Baby’s Nest”. Originally it raised a smile, the idea of some sort of box. Later, I saw the elegant design of box. It is safe and clean. My friend used it as a crib as well; her baby looked so comfortable and slept like a kitten!

The contents of the box really surprised me- I found inside everything I might need for new baby and mother – really everything – from diapers to clothes, a mattress and covers, soothers and hygiene products for Mum. The most important thing is not just the purchase of one box containing everything but I forgot what it means clawing through stores (some swelling of the legs, having to go to the toilet every 30 minutes and the tiredness).

The strongest impression left a sense of belonging. Imagine the Suns rays playing on the tree tops. The park smells of pine trees as you push the stroller. I turn my head; see another little baby in the same very beautiful clothes as my little one and I cannot help but smile as I pass near the other Mum. “ Milda (29 m).

For years, we watched as the Finnish “Baby Box” helped to prevent unexplained deaths of young babies. For each mother receiving the “Baby Box” in Finland has become a good tradition.

Finally, “The Baby’s Nest  / Kūdikio lizdas ” has come to Lithuania.

One team of experienced professionals, who want to help reduce infant mortality, to create for Mum and new-born baby complete comfort and security, so they may enjoy their new lives together without the worry of what will be needed when they return home after the birth, are now producing this gift, designed and made in Lithuania.

The first things we implemented


Our box and special mattress comply with all safety and health regulations, have EN71-2: 2011 + A1: 2014 and REACH standards, which means that there are no substances harmful to babies.


We only use materials that have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate, are natural, no dyes or bleaches and are suitable for high-quality baby life. We cooperate with reputable factories with many years of experience in producing high quality baby hygiene products.



RBDT Kids Exclusives products are specially designed, which means they are comfortable for both girls and boys. We create ourselves, work together with designers to create collections that all families will love. The new design organic clothing collection is decorated with a motif “I sleep in a Baby’s Nest


Now in the newborn baby collection we offer two different sizes of clothes. For the premature baby collection we offer three sizes. Knowing the rapid growth of infants in the first year, we set ourselves the challenge for this year – offering the widest range of sizes.



We hope that every home with a new baby will be presented with “The Baby’s Nest /Kūdikio lizdas“.

Babies first bed



– Best gift

Everything you need for Mum and baby – with no stress!

When we first thought of introducing “the Baby’s Nest” to Lithuania we assumed that first and foremost the new parents would need a lot of clothes for their new baby! We assumed wrong!!

When we surveyed many Mums with new babies we asked them what they thought they needed when they first arrived home with their new baby and we were surprised that baby clothes was not the number one item.

Most of the Mums said they had forgotten many things when buying for their baby. Clothes, they said, were often given by parents, friends and relatives  and often there were just too many clothes. What they needed were things they never even thought of until they were home,. Disposable pants, breast pads, hygiene pads , nipple cream for themselves, nail clippers, thermometer etc etc for baby.

So, we have thought long and hard about what to include in “the Baby’s Nest” and have tried to include all the items many of the Mums suggested they needed for the first few weeks – months of the babies life.

Please click here to see all details about this new gift for Mum and baby! It  contains all the new Mum and Dad will need for their baby when they arrive home after the birth!!

It is very important to us to receive your opinions.

How can we improve our products, assortment or service?

If you have any suggestions or criticisms please write to let us know, we want to hear from you.

Thank you.

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“We sincerely believe that for every new Mum and Dad that in their home “the Baby’s Nest/Kūdikio lizdas“‚ will be irreplaceable. Because inside they will find all the most necessary accessories for their baby to provide safety, health and comfort during the first months of their new babies life.“