What is inside “the Baby’s Nest” baby box?

“the Baby’s Nest / Kūdikio lizdas” is available in three versions:

“Baby’s Nest”  

“Baby’s Nest” with natural cotton collection

“Baby’s Nest with organic cotton

Here you can see the contents of the “Baby’s Nest” with organic cotton collection:-

 For baby:

 The Baby’s Nest box with lid
 Fitted cotton waterproof Mattress cover/protector
 Fitted cotton sheet
Bed set complete (fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow case)
1 x  pack of “Magics”disposable change pads
 1 x Blanket
 1 x Body suit (62 cm)-100% organic cotton
1 x shirt (62 cm)-100% organic cotton
 1 x Coat (62 cm)-100% organic cotton
1 x Sleep-suit (62 cm)-100% organic cotton
1 x Outdoor suit (74 cm)
 1 x Beanie hat (44 cm)-100% organic cotton
 Woollen socks  1 pair
 Merino wool socks  1 pair
Gloves/mits 2 pair-100% organic cotton
 After bath/shower towel with hood
1 x Bath/shower mitt
 Flannel napkins x 3
 Dribble cloths x 3
  1 x “Castille” Natural gentle soap/shampoo (150 ml)
 1 x Natural Baby Powder
  1 x pack “Magics” disposable nappies (newborn)
 1 x pack of wet-wipes
  1 x sleep toy-100% organic cotton
 1 x Baby Hygiene set *(Kit contents: Case,  1 x hair brush, 1 x comb, 1 x nail clippers, 1 x scissors, 1 x toothbrush, 4 x paper nail files.)
1 x Digital Non-contact Thermometer
1 x Bath thermometer
1 x teether
1 x Nasal Aspirator 

For Mum:

 1 x pack Maria Comfort Breast pads
 1 x tube  Organic Breast Cream
 1 x  SENI LADY Postpartum Set 

If you do not want to buy all the contents of “the Baby’s Nest” Complete you can always “customize” your box by buying the “the Baby’s Nest” and adding all the items you would like, just phone or write a message.

We reserve the right to change products to others of similar or better quality, without notice.

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“We sincerely believe that for every new Mum and Dad that in their home “the Baby’s Nest/Kūdikio lizdas“‚ will be irreplaceable. Because inside they will find all the most necessary accessories for their baby to provide safety, health and comfort during the first months of their new babies life.“