The “Baby’s Nest” now with rocker function

The “Baby’s Nest” is now the first baby box in the world to be supplied with a rocker function.
Once assembled it simply attaches to the bottom of the box and enables you to gently rock your baby.

It consists of four pieces which are folded and joined together. Made of extra strong cardboard which provides hours of rocking. Can be just as easily removed when not needed.

Box Design "Clouds"

Box Design “Clouds”

The instructions on how to assemble the rocker are shown in the link below and are, of course, included in all boxes.

Rocker attachment instructions

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“We sincerely believe that for every new Mum and Dad that in their home “the Baby’s Nest/Kūdikio lizdas“‚ will be irreplaceable. Because inside they will find all the most necessary accessories for their baby to provide safety, health and comfort during the first months of their new babies life.“