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For every family in Lithuania – a gift of the Baby’s Nest for an easier start to parenthood. This is the goal of Vilnius resident  Rasuolė Jasnauskienė (56), developing a social business, “Baby’s Nest “. In Lithuania little is known of this, and works on the principle of purchase and donation. When purchasers buy one Baby’s Nest for the newborn, the second one is sent free of charge to a poorer family.

The idea from Finland

The Baby Box idea came from Finland. The tradition of newborn families has been there for 75 years with a special box with some of the things needed for newborn care.

Jasnauskienė planned this idea in Lithuania a few years ago. She and her husband, while still living abroad, turned their heads, what to give to the soon-to-be-born first grandson. She was looking for unusual but useful gifts that would ease the parents’ lives, reduce their tension and provide more security.

“It was not a simple task. However, my husband remembered that in Finland a Baby Box was given to each family. This is a crib-shaped box that holds the necessary items for the newborn. It was a novelty for me and a fantastic gift for our children! Their joy and relief prompted me to a new idea – to create such Baby Boxes in Lithuania as well. She wanted to see more shining young eyes and smiles, and most importantly, less concerned parents who feel it so important to prepare for the arrival of a newborn, “the entrepreneur recalled.

In the Baby’s Nest the expectant mother finds not only baby’s clothes, bathing gear, nappies, mattress and sheets but the box itself is unusual – it can be used as the baby’s first crib, because it is very strong, with strong walls and bottom, with nothing to harm the baby and therefore safe and can be used for baby to sleep in any room near Mum. Mum can also find hygiene supplies for her, which will help her feel better in the first few days after childbirth.

In addition, R. Jasnauskienė also sells other individual products: Lithuanian made and designed children’s clothes, clothes for premature babies as well as a new type of ultra-thin nappies.

A Baby’s Nest for every infant

“How to help each baby to have a safe place to sleep in their house – a bed for a baby and primary items for raising a baby?”


An active woman set up her own UAB Prosapia and began to develop the Baby’s Nest. She has been looking for materials, partners, producers for almost a year, because the goal was to create a box made by Lithuanian suppliers and its contents. Finally, it was achieved. The baby boxes are produced in Vilnius, the mattress is in Jonava, and the clothes and sheets are made in Klaipeda.

“I could think of the very business model as well. On my way there were great people who helped not to be afraid. I still have a long way to go until this business is sustainable, “says R. Jasnauskienė.

This is how the project “All Newborns are Equal” was born. Soon there was a social business, in which she was trying to provide all the needy mothers with such a Baby’s Nest.

“Thoughts are about all the mothers and as mothers who are hard at work. Who do not have the money and sometimes even the opportunity to buy things for their baby? Who is experiencing deprivation, is the single or social risk group? How to help them to have a safe place in their own house – a bed for a baby and primary items for raising a baby? “- R. Jasnauskienė tells about the beginning.

Innovations in social business.

 The businesswoman admits that the concept of social business is still quite new to her. It’s not easy to introduce it to the public, because it’s hard for people to understand, here is a business or philanthropy.

“Social business is an organization whose main objective is to solve a social problem in a businesslike way. Because it is understandable that the traditional means are not enough today in the market and we need to look for new ways to help people who are suffering from social exclusion. After all, donations are not enough “, – The idea of ​​social business is described by R. Jasnauskienė.

She believes that social business in Lithuania is new because the economy is still young. And the very origin of social business is Bangladesh. Social business is most widespread in the countries where the social problems have been solved by traditional market players for a long time.

“It is innovation, and it is coming to a small country like Lithuania often with a little delay. Of course, at universities, schools, we still do not teach it. We have so few good examples, so there are not enough stories. The small market in Lithuania is often not affected by social business models that work well abroad, both because of the smallness of our market and culture, “she says.

An effective initiative

Still, the idea of ​​the Baby’s Nest is already working. A week ago, a Baby’s Nest was gifted to a single mother in the Pregnancy Crisis Centre in Vilnius. Soon more and more families with disadvantages should receive a Baby’s Nest.

At the moment, the entrepreneur is trying to introduce the concept of “Baby Nest” to Lithuanian municipalities. The Marijampole municipality has already commissioned   15 cheaper, simpler boxes – they will donate to mothers in the city. Later, she promises to carry the idea of ​​the Baby’s Nest to organizations and institutions.

“Now most of the boxes are bought by young families. I hope that this can also be a great gift for grandparents to give. I still can not boast of increasing sales, because I’m only taking the first steps. The main task at present is to introduce the Baby’s Nest to the market and to publicize the very importance of newborn safe sleep, “said R. Jasnauskienė.

Rasuole from Zarasai District developed her business in Vilnius. It’s not accidental that she’s been busy working in the field of business management for many years. Now, for the most part, is the development of the concept of the “Baby’s Nest”.

“I really want every mother in Lithuania to give birth with a smile and no stress. So, I will try to show the benefits and the meaning of the “Baby’s Nest”, to expand business in Lithuania. That the Baby’s Nest should reach every home in our country, and it would be nice to go to the Baltic countries as well. So there’s a lot of work to do, “says the businesswoman, adding:” With all my heart, I believe in what I do. My driving force is the belief that our future belongs to infants who will shape the future of Lithuania. It does not really matter what social status they are from. ”


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“We sincerely believe that for every new Mum and Dad that in their home “the Baby’s Nest/Kūdikio lizdas“‚ will be irreplaceable. Because inside they will find all the most necessary accessories for their baby to provide safety, health and comfort during the first months of their new babies life.“