“RBDT Kids Exclusives” introduces a new Premature Baby collection


Let’s get back to you with news! Stylish, comfortable clothes – for „RBDT Kids Exclusives“ Premature Baby Collection.

Just 40, 46, 50 cm. Premature baby garments are made of natural cloth: 100% cotton, not chemically bleached or dyed. In total there are 7 different types of garments, five already available, and 2 more in the production.

Our brand is RBDT Kids Exclusives, so we thought everything in advance, and from small to medium, from soft fabrics to soft inverting stitches, which are just necessary for premature babies, and – no internal labels that irritates premature babies delicate skin. Due to the characteristics of non-preservatives – highly sensitive skin – the products are made deliberately so that the baby will be dressed  without stress because the garments  completely open from top to toe. There is no need for gloves, because all the clothes with folding mits and folding feet.

You can be happy with these products.

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“We sincerely believe that for every new Mum and Dad that in their home “the Baby’s Nest/Kūdikio lizdas“‚ will be irreplaceable. Because inside they will find all the most necessary accessories for their baby to provide safety, health and comfort during the first months of their new babies life.“