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We say: for a safe, healthy and equal start in life for all babies.

The first grandchild coming to the world is coming – she has turned our life upside down , in the good sense of the word, while still living abroad, we turned our heads to what to give to the soon-to-be-born grandchild. We were looking for an unusual but useful gift that would make life easier for young parents, reduce waiting stress and provide more security for the baby .

It was not an easy task. However, my partner  remembered that in Finland, every family who has a newborn baby s given a newborn layette. It is a crib-shaped box that holds the items a baby needs. It was news for me and a fantastic gift for our kids! Their joy and relief pushed me to create a new idea – to create such baby boxes in Lithuania as well. We wanted to see more radiant young eyes and smiles and, most importantly, less worried parents, for whom it is so important to prepare for the arrival of the newborn.

We planned to transfer such an idea to Lithuania a few years ago. We have been looking for materials, partners and manufacturers for almost a year, because the goal was to create a box made by Lithuanian suppliers and its contents. It was finally achieved.

2016 we established a family business, and my husband and I became partners, creators and implementers of social initiatives both in Lithuania and abroad.

Today, in Lithuania, the leader of the baby box  isthe  “BABY’S NEST”. Ambitious, isn’t it? However, it takes a lot of investment and bursting to survive. Life does not stand still – we must keep pace with new innovations in the world, innovations for the smallest people. Finally, we ourselves became part of an innovative business and offered innovation to the world!

And our initiative is “All newborns are equal ! ”. Developed into a social business, when someone buys a „Baby‘s Nest“ we donate one set of the „ Baby‘s Nest ” –  basic set – to a family in difficulty. Babies deserve to start providing all the necessities of their lives, no matter what family they were born into .

We say: Take care of the two little ones at once – your own and that stranger to whom you will give a sense of security and peaceful sleep.


The QIMA certificate confirms that the „Baby‘s Nest“ – the box / crib and the special mattress for the newborn, meet all safety and health requirements: EN71-2: 2011 + A1: 2014 and REACH standards.

The registered design of the box / crib with rocker  is a guarantee that the design, the thickness of the cardboard used is not similar to the Finnish, American, Scottish baby boxes or other.

Innovative – the world’s first registered box / crib with rocker. Th erocker fits  to the bottom of the box and acts as a rocking cradle. 

The ability to choose for yourselves the cutest box illustration created together with artists , illustrators – order the “Baby‘s Nest”  and compliment your home interior. A heartfelt memory for a long time.

 We care for and love nature – baby boxes are made of recycled five-layer corrugated cardboard, which after recycling will be used for production.

We guarantee the quality of our clothes – all RBDT Kids Exclusives products are STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX® and meet the highest requirements necessary for a baby’s quality of life. We sew from100%  organic cotton and 100%natural  cotton.

 The special design of the clothes “RBDT Kids Exclusives” means that we have thought through all the details, so they are comfortable for both girls and boys. We create ourselves, working side by side with designers to create collections that all families will love! The latest design organic clothing collection is decorated with the motif  “I sleep in a Baby’s Nest”.

 The „RBDT Kids Exclusives“ premature baby collection was a real challenge that has left no one indifferent. Clothes specially adapted for premature babies with extremely sensitive skin. Starting with fabrics and ending with inverted seams. You will not find a single inner label on your clothes that could irritate the sensitive skin of a premature baby.

We save your money and time – choose the Lithuanian “Baby‘s Nest” baby box and contribute to the increase of the family budget , because it is cheaper than elsewhere, all in one place – save not only money, but also time and stress.

 The main value is focused on“ Safe Sleep“ for the baby, the impeccable quality of the product, which we present to the smallest inhabitants of Lithuania – babies!

Why should you choose the „Baby‘s Nest“?


We love and conserve nature

The „Baby‘s Nest“ is made of strong, recycled, five-layer corrugated cardboard, which is processed for use in production, meets all safety, health requirements and conforms to EN71-2:2011+A1:2014 and REACH standards.


We guarantee quality

All our products, „RBDT Kids Exclusives“, have STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification and meet the highest requirements necessary for a high quality baby life . We offer 100% cotton and organic cotton.

time and money

We save you money and time

Buy a „Baby‘s Nest“ and help increase your family budget, because it is cheaper than anywhere else, all in one place – save time and stress.



The first baby box/crib in the world to have a rocking function! The rocker is fixed to the bottom of the box and carries out the function of a rocking cradle. Possibility to choose the box design that we created together with the artists.