Can I use the box to carry my baby or as a baby carrier for my car?

The Baby’s Nest / Kūdikio lizdas” is intended as a strong, safe and secure “first” bed for your new baby. It is recommended to carry your baby then place him into the Box to sleep on their back.. It should never be used to carry the baby from home to car and never be used in the car as a baby carrier!

The box is an ideal portable baby crib for home, to use at Grandmothers, when staying in a hotel or in a tent. The box can be used to carry all of your babies clothes, nappies etc and can also be used as a changing mat.

Please also remember to never put the lid on the box with baby in it.

Never put the box next to radiators, open fires or wood burners (the box is rated “slow burn” which is better than most other baby cribs but it will still burn!) or electric cords (you may trip over the wires!)

Always keep the box on the floor or a on sturdy, wide surface such as a coffee table.

What is the box made of and can it really be used for my baby to sleep in?

The box is made of five layer cardboard, it is very strong and safe for your baby. The materials used confirm to REACH standards. and has REACH certificate.

The box is suitable for babies from birth to around 4 – 6 months (depending on babies size). So is small enough to have the box beside the bed right next to Mum. Many apartments are small with only one bedroom. It is recommended that baby does not sleep in the same bed as Mum and Dad so as baby’s first bed it is ideal with nothing to harm your baby.

It is very convenient and no matter where you go, to Grand mothers, a hotel or in a tent, the Baby’s Nest can go with you as a portable crib. It can also hold all your babies clothes, nappies etc while you travel.  The mattress and lid can even be used as a changing mat.

What is the mattress made of?

Safe, comfortable and flexible baby mattress for a relaxing little rest – let your children sleep comfortably and qualitatively, while awake will feel fascinated and energetic. Special mattress ensures the correct position of the spine, improve blood circulation, and ensure proper muscle development. Mattresses is permeable to air and do not accumulate moisture. The comfortable removable cover is easy to clean and wash. We believe that with our products, you, your parents, will be able to provide sweet and calm sleep for your children.

The mattress is made especially to fit “the Baby’s Nest”, is Double sided and made from Polyurethane foam 25 kg / m3 (Breathable, elastic). It may seem a very firm mattress for your baby but it is specially made with this density as it has been shown that a firm baby mattress helps prevent SIDS.

Polyurethane Foam – perhaps the most widely used material in a mattress. It is open to molecular structures, breathable, stable and firm. Today polyurethane foam produced without the use of formaldehyde and other Harmful Substances. Our mattresses uses  polyurethane foam which meets all safety, health and environmental standards – they are given a STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®  certificate.

The mattress cover is sewn with polyester padding, knitted, linen, cotton, and synthetics; with zipper; and is washable up to 40 degrees c.

Your baby should lie on its back until it is able to turn over by itself

To what age can my baby sleep in the Baby’s Nest?

The Baby’s Nest has been designed so your baby can sleep comfortably and safely from birth until about 4-6 months (depending, of course, on how big your baby is and how quickly it grows). You will know when the time has come to move baby to a cot or bed when he/she starts to turn themselves over.”

After your baby has finished sleeping in it, the Baby’s Nest makes an ideal, strong storage box for toys or clothes and also can be used as a play box.

What are “Magics” Premium nappies?

 “Magics” Premium nappies are a revolutionary new type of disposable nappy made by Drylock Technologies. They are incredibly thin (giving your baby greater freedom of movement),  have an anatomic shape and flexible ears supply a comfortable, easy fit. Active skin protection and clever use of materials make for a silky soft touch. Night and day protection, protects just as well during an active day as during a restful sleep.

“Magics” Premium products always adhere to the most recent and strict regulations. Complying with each legal, ISO and IFS certification requirements, and many more. Certified hypo-allergenic by the “Dermatest® GmbH”.

What are your baby clothes made of?

“RBDT Kids Exclusives” are specially designed and made in Lithuania: baby clothes, towel, blanket and sheets especially for the Baby’s Nest. All baby clothes are made of natural, soft cotton. They are not dyed or bleached so are perfect for your babies delicate skin. All fabrics used are to OEKO-TEX® standards.

What is Castile soap?

“Authentic Castile soap is made of plant oils, based on recipes invented long ago.It is believed that Castile soap was named after the King of Castile, a Spanish region of about 800 AD. However, the soap story is so old that it is difficult to find the true history. Since ancient times, this soap was highly regarded and for its high quality and considered fit for a king.  It gently lathers, rinses quickly, and most importantly – softens, moisturizes and cares for the skin and hair and is good with children, even the youngest. Liquid Castile soap is made only from organic coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oil, which gives the skin a velvety softness and citric acid preserves freshness longer than chemical preservatives.

Castile soap – absolutely vegan: it does not contain animal fat and was not tested on animals.

Washed and released into the environment, the soap degrades quickly to its biological components which do not contaminate the water and is friendly to the environment.

This soap has a higher concentration than conventional liquid soaps, so needs only a few drops to wash”.