Box Design

We create variants of “the Baby’s Nest/Kūdikio lizdas”  baby box that could be transmitted from generation to generation as a family relic that reminds us of a special date for Lithuania, therefore we cooperate with well-known Lithuanian painters.

Box Design “Maternity Faces and Colours”

For the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian statehood, together with the artist Vytautas Tomaševičius, we have groomed the box of the special design “Maternity Faces and Colors”.

"Maternity Faces and Colours"

Box Design “Maternity Faces and Colours”

Box Design “Teddy bear”

For a long time I wrote to the artist how I imagined “the Baby’s Nest” box to celebrate 100 years of Lithuania, and the artist hand-painted and decorated the box with the most lovely Teddy bear lying on the moon with soft clouds. I do not hesitate to say that the bear is a symbol of our childhood: after all, we grow up with plush teddy bears!

Dėžė „Meškutis“

Box Design “Teddy Bear”

Box Design “Clouds”

My vision of the new box has come true, translated by an artist from the seaside. Thick soft Clouds, on which from the first month of life you can print your baby’s hand and footprints. I believe that the box will remain a valuable memory not only for yourself, but also for your baby when he grows.
12 months – 12 clouds with different hand and foot prints – what a cute memory!

Box Design "Clouds"

Box Design “Clouds”