About Payments

Commodity prices, payment methods and terms

  1. Prices of goods in the shop and in any Order are expressed in Euros.
  1. Commodity prices and discounts are valid until they are changed in the shop.
  1. Buyer buys goods and pays in one of the following ways:

– Payment by bank transfer. Payment  must be shown to indicate the order number.

       – Payment using 

– Payment in cash at the time of delivery (only in Vilnius) or withdrawal of the goods from the same point of withdrawing Vilnius.

  1. Buyer by paying by bank transfer, the Buyer shall pay for the goods and the goods delivery within 3 working days of the date of receipt of notification of the order confirmation. If within this period the Buyer does not perform the payment for the goods and the delivery of goods and / or the seller will not receive the money in their bank checking account, the Seller may assume that the Buyer refuses the purchase and sale agreement and has the right to cancel the order.